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14 February, 2009

Coyotes in Yellowstone

A series of pictures of coyotes that were photo-graphed on a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park. Coyotes, mate for life, however in the wild there are circumstances that can end these types of relationships, primarily, other predators.

These pictures were taken during mating season, the female is on the right and the male is the full body picture on the left. I took 15 pictures using a 100mm-400mm canon zoom lens with image stabilization. The pictures were taken using a 100mm-400mm zoom lens with an image stabilizer. The coyotes were in the process of walking up a rather steep slope in the Lamar Valley, the temperature was minus 5 degrees and there were no clouds in the sky.
I captioned the "mate for life" expressions as I viewed the pictures which I will share with you. I plan to add more pictures so come back soon. One picture is "bored and losing patience", another is "good lookin is finally getting here", and "where did you get that collar, it's ugly.

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