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31 December, 2009

Happy New Year

This will be a Happy New Year, for all of us, the horses, cats, Kenya & Barlo, and Marty and Clint. We hope the new year bodes as well for you.

Marty and I finished the decade at Paws Up, a Montana resort. Kenya, Barlo and the 2 of us traveled some 300 plus miles to this beautiful ranch for a few days. Although it was cold, the climate could not have been better. Marty is winding down her law career at Bricker & Eckler, Clint is enjoying rural living and his new found hobby of photography, Ruthie & Martha (our barn cats) have just celebrated 10 years with us, Kenya is at the crest of her life, living big every day, and Barlo, in spite of his arthritic spin is a very happy dog, thanks to some special meds, his by-monthly chiro from his name sake, Dr. Sarah Barlow. 14 Arabian horses have a great life as well. When it gets too cold to stay outside all nite, they get to go into the arena for shelter. Their activities have slowed down during the winter months, but we think they are looking forward to being ridden and jumped as spring arrives.

An now for the latest episode of the dogs, captured by Clint on his new camera.

It started in this place, at the Paws Up resort, in Greenough, Montana.
This was our home for the last few days in 2009. Upon arrival, we started a fire in the fireplace and settled in for some relaxation and fun with Kenya and Barlo. Soon, Kenya had settled into a very comfortable postion next to the fireplace, very relaxed and very happy as you can see.
Just as Clint was settling down on the couch with his favorite libation, Barlo sat down beside him. Marty said, "Clint, before you get too comfortable, lets try something new". With that she took one of the dog bed covers that travel with us and draped in on the couch and offered it to Barlo. It was happiness at first site. He didn't have to crouch down to get on his dog bed which at times is painful. He sat on the couch and then laid down. For the next few days, that was Barlo's and he was there except when he ate, drank, or went for a walk.

By the end of the visit, Marty had already located several places in Billings that had special sales on couchs. By the time we returned to Fishtail, arrangements were already made to travel the next day to Billings and visit these furniture establishments. Of course, Clint went with her and they drove the ranch pick up in case they found something suitable. Need I say more.

This picture is the end result of our trip to Billings and the happiness on Barlo's face tells the story of why he is looking forward to the New Year.
This is Barlo's counch, it came back from Billings with Marty and Clint, it is located in the great room with a clear view for Barlo of the Beartooth Mountains, only steps away from the garage where he eats his meals, and exactly the correct height for him to scoot onto the cushions without any pressure on his back.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. All of us at the Circle B Bar T know it is only hours away.