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03 March, 2010

John Robert Houser, I'm sorry

I traveled to Columbus, Ohio the weekend of February 19th for my grandson's baptism. I just received a picture from his mother and my daughter, Jennifer that she said reflects his feelings about all of the pictures I took and that he hasn't seen or heard mention of from the blog. John, Grandpa Clint is sorry and I will try to get you in a good mood before I arrive in Columbus again this weekend.
I did go to the church and I did take a picture during the ceremony when your mother, dad, Uncle Jeff, and Aunt Elizabeth were with you. This was when you were in a good mood. I will not share the pictures I took when you were pouting.
We did have a good time, if was fun being with you, and I'm sure you will approve of this picture that I took soon after you had eaten and you were in a great mood. I am putting this on the blog in black and white as that is your mothers favorite colors of recent family pictures. Hope you enjoy it. As I looked at your picture, you remind me of your Grandfather Houser.
We look forward to your trip to Montana in June. We will have several horses awaiting your arrival and if you're interested you may want to join your mother for a ride. You can start choosing which one is your favorite.
Could it be Star who is standing alone, posing for you?

Or it could be Tex, the white mare, or Star's brother Doc or his sister Sapphire.

And as the song goes, we'll see you in Montana, with that sparkle in your eyes.

Go to the July 29th post on the blog to see John soon after he was born.