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18 May, 2013

Wildlife at it's best

The wildlife you will see in this edition of our blog should be very interesting when you consider many of the following factors. We were not in Africa to capture the images of the lions and tigers. We were not in bear or wolf country to get the photographs of these wild critters. When you look at the images you will see contentment and very healthy animals. Before I answer the questions that I just posed, let's look at the photographs.
You've seen wolves that I have photographed since they were re-introduced in the wild. This wolf was not in Yellowstone National Park and seems very relaxed and healthy.
Was this tiger posing for me to take this photograph, was it looking for something to attack, or had it just finished eating. I was at least 1500 feet away and you get this image as a result of zoom lens and software. It seems that it had plenty of roaming room which in fact it did.
Maybe something was itching the back of it's neck. It was not concerned about me being near by or it could have been very tense. Have you ever seen a tiger as relaxed as this one and it seems to be enjoying the comfort of the scratch.
This bear seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere. But it was a very healthy bear and I can assure you that it was not being chased by another critter. You aren't seeing any trees in the photos and it doesn't look like a park or a jungle.
When was the last time you saw a lion this relaxed. It's resting in the sun and there doesn't appear to be tens of people peering at it. If you like wildlife, you might enjoy visiting them. Keep reading and we'll finish the story before you you're through.
Is this more of what you would expect with these creatures? This seems to be more like what you would expect of a lion in the wild. Or, is it mating season and this guy is calling his girl friend or telling his competitor that this is his territory.
Based on this picture, it was none of the above. He's content with his surroundings and is probably ready to take a nap.

So where was I? This visit was a lot better than any zoo that I've been to, especially if you are concerned about the life of these animals. Being penned up in cage for your life is OK if you are on the other side of the cage, but if you are the animal, it's not like it was in the wild. 

We had the opportunity to visit the Wildlife Sanctuary in Colorado a few years ago and have returned  each time we're in Boulder, Colorado visiting our family and grandchildren. The owners of the sanctuary and generous contributions have permitted them to give these animals freedoms that few captured wild life ever get. I was on a mile long elevated walkway taking these photographs. The wildlife were not in the least bit concerned about our visit as you can see from these pictures.

I have added the logo of the Wildlife Sanctuary as well as the website for those of you who are interested in learning more about these animals and their benefactors. If you are ever in the Denver area, take the time to visit this wonderful establishment.
It was fun having the opportunity to capture the images of these animals without having to spend days and dollars traveling to their natural habitat.