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17 August, 2010

Who invited you?

It usually happens about once a year, it is usually in the summer, and a critter that is not common to our part of Montana, appears on the scene. Yesterday, I got a call from a neighbor who had spotted the bear in one of our pastures as they drove by our ranch. I quickly grabbed my camera and got a couple pictures before it headed north across the road and up the hill.
Where it had been and where it was going is anybody's guess. A bear normally has a range of 10 square miles and the rate at which it was running across the pasture, it was in a hurry to get somewhere else.
It did not appear as if it had been on our property very long, as the horses who shared the pasture where I saw the bear were not aware of it's appearance and the horses in the adjoining pastures were calm and under control as well.