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11 October, 2010

The latest arrivals at the Circle B Bar T

It was just 8 weeks ago that a Great Dane gave birth to a beautiful liter of brindle puppies in the state of Washington. Marty and Clint located their owner, Dawn Houston, and purchased not one but two of the new puppies. A young man named Baxter and a pretty female named Emma. After flying from Washington and then by auto from Billings, Baxter and Emma soon discovered the front lawn at the Circle B Bar T. They have already brought joy into Marty and Clint's life healing their broken hearts. They two will grow quickly as they are already over 20 pounds each. Unless you will be visiting soon, they may be full size by the time you come to visit.

The first morning on the ranch they were invited to the barn to help with morning chores. The horses walking down the aisle were more initimidated by the puppies than the puppies were of the horses, almost 50 times their size. The temperature was cool and the puppies soon discovered the tack room and the bed that Ruthie the cat typically occupies. The caption of this photo is, "there is no room for Ruthie"
Kenya has missed her pal for the last 6 years, Mr. Barlo. But it didn't take long for Baxter to invite himself to the space most often occupied by Barlo. Within a very short time, Baxter was snuggled up close to Kenya, filling the void left by Mr. B. As you may or may not know, Kenya had to have one of her front legs removed after a diagnosis of cancer and is recovering from the operation of less than a week ago. She has welcomed Baxter and Emma and has accepted them as part of the family. There will be more about Barlo and Kenya in postings to follow.