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12 February, 2009

Clint and Al are waiting

As Clint & Al were accepted by the ranchers, they were given more responsibility and many times were sent off on their own to either move cattle or round them up. On this particular day, they were sent to a specific part of the forest to round up the cattle that Clint & Al could find in that area. They accomplished their mission and moved their cattle to the designated area for accumulation. They had been waiting for at least an hour, times were boring, and all they could do was wait. Clint had brought his small digital camera with him in case there was something of consequence to record.

Sitting on the crest of a ridge, Clint looks over his shoulder to see a perfect silhouette in the form of a shadow of Clint and Al. Out came the camera, and recorded for ever was this great image that is now a part of this blog. This is one of the events that prompted Clint to pursue his photographic skills. Today this image has now been creatively captured on a 70 million year old rock that Clint found while walking through a pasture on the Circle B Bar T Ranch. For more information on the Circle B Bar T Ranch go to

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