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28 November, 2015

5 Years Later

If you go to our post of 5 years ago, you will see what was said to be the 4th worst snow in history. It was cold also. Just a week ago, the weatherman was predicting snow and cold weather which was a significant change to the mild fall weather we had been experiencing. Time has past - - - we did get some cold weather, we woke up to sub zero temperatures several mornings, today it was -1. We were supposed to get close to a foot of snow - - the deepest I have been able to find it was 5 inches. The Beartooth Mountains are not covered with snow as they were in the photo I posted in 2010.

Today, we are expecting temperatures in the 30's. The sun has been shining and will continue to warm us up. The cold weather has stimulated some wildlife activity on the ranch. A coyote was here a couple days ago and was seen sparing with the neighbors sheep dog down by the Grove Creek. This is one of the deer that appeared in the field south of our house.

You can see there wasn't a lot of snow, but it was cold.