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06 May, 2010

6 Days ago . . . . .

In the last 6 days we have had winds that approached 50 mph, day and nite. Marty and I have spent the nights in the bedroom in the basement to avoid the loud winds and get a good nite sleep. Yesterday, the weatherman said the winds would slow down and that an artic cold front would be arriving soon. By 9:00 PM there was enough of this stuff covering the pastures that we took hay into the paddocks for the horses to eat. This is what we saw as we looked out toward the Beartooth Mountains. Yes, this is the southern view, it's still snowing with another 2 to 4 inches due today.
With the cold wet snow and a temperature of 25 degrees, the animals would prefer the 50 mph wind. This picture is an example of what our trees look like. The birds are all huddled above the ground and I'm sure they're hoping for some warmer temperatures today. The expected high is 38. The horses are in the barn until 10:00 AM, the dogs are in the house with us, and Ruthie and Martha, the cats, are in the tack room.
and you asked, how much snow did you get. I took the yardstick into the yard and you can see for yourself (14 inches so far) This is with an expected additional 2 to 4 inches today. The ground is not frozen, so there as been some melting, when I shoveled off the walk it was sloshy underneath but it will not get warm enough to show much of a melt until Saturday. The slow melt means moisture in the ground and all we need after that is some warm weather. None is predicted for the next week.