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30 April, 2010

April what brings May flowers?

I started to the barn this morning to spread the manure. This is not the correct answer to the question, because I have to spread the manure in pastures far enough from the house that there is not an after effect. It was not raining, it was too cold for the flower seeds to hatch, it was too cloudy to get any germination, yet I still had to spread the manure and it was April 30th. This is what I saw . . . . .

and yes, I had to hook up the tractor to the spreader and drive thru 30 MPH winds with a wind chill of 10 above, because there was more manure to be cleaned out of the barns. So you say, that wasn't much snow. How about going to the other side of the barn, the south side toward the mountains and take a look at the Beartooth. As you can see, the visibility was less than a mile. The only good news is, we needed the moisture and there has been a lack of snow in the mountains, which means the rivers and streams will be lower than usual, but good for fishing.
See you in May.