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09 August, 2009

Something about deer

If you have visited us in Fishtail, you have become a part of the game of counting deer along the Grove Creek Road. The record for only one side of the 4.7 miles from Fishtail to our ranch is over 100. The late spring brings the new fawns and we now have a "Cabela's spotting scope" to get up close and personal with the mother and her babies as they track in and out of the trees and brush along the Grove Creek. A couple weeks ago I decided to see if I could get some pictures of a fawn.

A doe with twins was heading east along the Grove Creek, the doe jumped the fence to the adjoining property and the twins were not as experienced in leaving our property and for a while they were trapped. I use my zoom lens so that I keep the intimidation to a minimum. After they realized I was not going to get any closer to them, they relaxed and posed for some pictures, these are two of them.

As I was preparing to publish this blog, I learned that there are more deer in the State of Ohio which has 1/3 the land mass and 10 times more people than Montana. Yet as I have vistied Ohio and driven in the country, I seldom if ever see deer, yet there are supposedly 200,000 more in Ohio.

If you have any insight on where I can get data about the deer population in the United States, please let me know.