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17 August, 2015

Pryor Wild Horse Range

In the past 4 years we discovered the Pryor Wild Horse Range and visited it on several occasions. The part that we visited was at a lower level, approximately 4000 feet elevation. We were aware of a larger section of the range but had been advised of the travel restrictions in reaching that portion which is over 8000 feet in elevation.

We discovered a photographer who had started taking people on trips to the upper part of the range and arranged to have her take us there in August of 2015. WHAT A TRIP.  The trip was conducted by Sandy Palen, one of nine she led in 2015. Our veterinarian friend from Philadelphia, Beth Urbaniak joined Marty and I on the 3 day, 2 night trip.

The total Wild Horse Range encompasses 38,000 acres and currently has 180 wild horses. This posting will share some of our experiences as well as some of the wild horses we saw and the terrain where we found them. I must say, the trip up to the mountain herd in Sandy’s truck was an experience of it’s own. The 10 mile journey from an elevation of 4000 feet to the top of the range, 8000 feet took around 2 hours and was one of the roughest rides Clint has ever experienced. It was beautiful and seeing the horses in this environment was outstanding.

This is a band of three of the wild horses, at the top of the mountain. Not only were the horses a vision of their own, but the landscape was just as great.

Obviously, the terrain at the top of the mountain, provided the nourishment for the horses, but their water came from lakes. Here you can see several of them accumulated around a lake enjoying the water.
Were there any foals? Yes, there were. This is one of the mares that we discovered with her young foal. In total, there were somewhere in the vicinity of 15 foals born in 2015.  We discovered several others as we traveled throughout the range.
There were stallions intermingled with the each band of horses. This is one that had just drifted away from the band he was with near the watering hole.

In total, Clint had over 300 photographs that he took during the 3 days. Marty and Beth sorted through them and now have an album of 75 of their favorites. These are just a few. In addition, as we returned to Lovell, Wyoming Marty and Beth each purchased a filed guide containing a photograph of each of the horses that also includes their name and band information.

A great trip. This blog includes 4 other trips at the lower level on 9/18/12, 5/29/13, 7/26/13, and 11/21/14 which you are welcome to visit to share our other trips.