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06 April, 2012

03 April, 2012

A new arrival at the Circle B Bar T

Welcome BBT Samiam, the great great grandson of my first Arabian,Raneyna. Samiam is named after our Sammi who passed away two years ago. The grandkids believe Sammy asked her friend Rayne to have her baby, thus, the name in memory of Sam.

Below is a little look at the family tree. Many great horses helped produce this young man who we believe will be yet another wonderful equine companion creating wonderful memories for more generations to come.

Great Great Grandma Raneyna in 1959

Grandpa BBT Thee Crusader, affectionately know as "Grover"

Grandpa Grover at work but he thinks play

Grandma Lil Tex

Mom (Rayne) as a yearling

Dad, Kordelas, a Polish import, and quite the handsome
Dad at work/play

Alakhasam, Samiam's namesake
Samiam 12 hours into his life's journey
Samiam 12 hours into his life's journey
It started with Marty and Great Great Grandmother Raneyna 52 years ago. Lil Tex was discovered in Texas, purchased and shipped to the Circle B Bar T. She had a filly named BBT Rayne sired by Grover. The next generation was born today and you see the happy women and the young man in the above picture.