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12 March, 2009

Did you guess Yellowstone National Park?

Where could you find an elk in this much snow that would be within the range of 40 miles from our ranch? We'll spend Friday and Saturday in Yellowstone while staying at our favorite resort, Chico Hot Springs. We will most likely have some pictures and for sure some stories about our trip. Clint will be stopping at The Paradise Gallery in Gardiner to bring them some more of his photograhy, rocks, and cards.

10 March, 2009

Where are we going, get out your map and compass

You may have it figured out already, but in case you don't, tomorrow's clue will confirm your suspicions. The dogs are going also, it is "dog friendly" where we are staying.

09 March, 2009

Guess where we are going this week

This is not a view from our ranch, but if you were an eagle you could be there in less than 40 miles. Marty, the dogs and I will have traveled almost 200 miles when we get to the spot where I took this picture in early February. I will post another hint tomorrow and the final hint on Wednesday . . . . then we're gone. You'll get some more pictures next Sunday or Monday, from our trip.

08 March, 2009

Don't be concerned, they have their winter coats

It is 24 degrees, they are standing where we put their hay this morning, they have a choice, either out in the pasture or in the paddock where the barn will protect them from the falling snow plus there is a covered portion for them to stand in. If the weatherman is correct and the snow and tempature continues to fall, we will open the indoor arena for them tonight. If you were here, you might be surprised to find them outside in spite of what we consider terrible weather.
Khalli had a choice as well, she probably got her belly full and is standing on the side of the hill watching the others eat.