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15 July, 2009

Nephew comes to Montana

Our nephew, Zach Teegardin spent 9 days with us in June. In that short time he saw alot. However, he noted immediately the lack of vehicle traffic on the roads. This is not Ohio. On the way to the Woodbine trailhead, Zach spotted a deer with her young fawn, we stopped for a bunch of pictures. We hiked into Woodbine something that every guest has done for over 15 years, but every time I looked for Zach, he had climbed into the rocks, he wasn't hiding, he just liked the rocks. Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful, wildlife and Zack took at least 250 more pictures. We departed via the scenic Beartooth Highway and Zach was impressed by the amount of snow and the altitude. You see him at 2 miles, elevation 10560 feet, standing in the snow about to throw a snowball at the host and photographer. Of course there was fishing. His other favorites were riding the John Deere Gator, our 2 Great Danes, and the horses. Rumor has it, Zach is planning another trip out west next year.

14 July, 2009

Fishing is getting better

It has taken the Montana rivers and streams a long time this year for good fishing. As a result of the abundance of rain plus the cool weather, the fish have been hesitant to come to the surface. But not today, Patrick McCarthy, our grandson from Westport, CT landed 7 fish ( 5 rainbows and 2 brown trout). Mike Mouat, Montana Fly Fishing was our guide on the Stillwater River. Patrick and Grandpa Clint almost got a bonus, because at times the water was still rough enough that we thought we were white water rafting.

12 July, 2009

Would you believe we were just passing through Red Lodge?

A once in a lifetime experience. We have already been to Yellowstone, 7 times this year. Althought we did have a neat experience on July 4th when a black bear jumped in front of us and spent 5 minutes trying to figure out where it was going to go next, it was nothing like this. On the 11th, we were on our way home, on the outskirts of Red Lodge, Montana when this happened. Thanks Susan, for your quick response to this opportunity.

We will fill in the gaps of the last 30 days very soon.