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15 February, 2009

Circle B Bar T looks like this

This is what Circle B Bar T looks like. This is a crystal replica of our brand that was give to us in the summer of 2008 by Chris and Hal Harnden of Fremont, Ohio. This hangs in one of the front panes in our home, overlooking our property, the Grove Creek, and the Beartooth Mountains. It was in the early fall when the picture of the brand was taken, hence the golden look of the pastures. Hal is not only Chris's husband, but also the crystal artist.

Chris and Hal made the trip to Montana to meet, Miss Ellie, a young Arabian filly that they had purchased from us. More significant that the purchase was the full circle of Chris and Marty's relationship. They are both from Fremont, Ohio and when they were teenagers, their fathers introduced them to the world of Arabian Horses. They both had Arabians and that was the start. Marty got back into the Arabian world when we moved to Fishtail in 1999. Chris found Marty via the internet looking for a horse and the rest is history.

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  1. Can't wait to show George what you have been up too. You've been very busy. Love, DEB