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24 April, 2009

You"ll have to wait to see the green

. . . the horses aren't, they know where it is. As you will see, 8 of 9 horses appear to be eating snow, but they really know where the new green grass is and how to find it. We took hay to the pasture this morning in anticipation of the horses being hungry but the horses are a lot smarter than we gave them credit. They know that under the snow is something special, just like finding the candy jar that was hidden in the cupboard.

The second photo is a close up of 2 of the older horses. Tex, the white one, favors the green grass under the snow and Khalli, is either full or tired. She is relaxing in the pasture inspite of the temperature being just 30 degrees.

So, you'll have to wait a little longer for the green.

19 April, 2009

It happened on the internet

I have been trying to be able to google something, anything to the first page of google for at least 2 years. Of course, if I did Marty Baxter or Clint Teegardin, you'd find us on the first page. But how you get the words in your internet web site, that people will find you with a normal search. I have tried and tried and tried. Up until 10 minutes ago, the closest I got was wolf,Casanova, #302, but I did not consider this success because unless you were very familar with the wolf population in Yellowstone, and wanted specific information about Casanova and knew his collar was #302, you would not have googled him.

Today, I googled "bluebird, pet rock" and guess what is not only on the first page, it is the first item on the list. After I publish this blog, I am going to celebrate, and then after dinner spend 3 hours trying to figure out what will be my next winner.