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13 January, 2018

A snowy day in Yellowstone National Park

We spent a day on January 10, 2018 in Yellowstone National Park, we went on a snow coach tour on a very snowy day. It was a wonderful experience which started when we saw an elk with a huge rack. 

Then the snow got intense and as we drove down the road (this was a snow coach, you couldn't go there in your car since most of the roads in Yellowstone were closed for the winter) we spotted this bison strolling down the road.
 We ultimately found our way to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone where the water was still running in spite of the cold weather. 
 As we parked the snow coach near the site of the Norris Basin geyser, we spotted this raven in a tree. 
 Then the raven dove to a nearby parked snow mobile and opened what was packed on the back and started eating what was in it,

How's that for some interesting sites in Yellowstone on a snowy day?