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15 February, 2014

Happy Valentines Day


I’m different than most of you men sitting here,
I’m seldom with my woman and never drink beer
When the season’s called mating, I fight for my love
Occassionaly you’ll find me with my girl friend, Dove

In the summer, we go to the mountains on high
As the grass starts to dwindle, we all say good bye
We’re easier to find in the lower elevations
We fight for our love, those mating sensations

The boys drift away from the girls and the herd
We rest on the slopes and think of our loves
As the time nears for creating more sheep
We rant and we rave and rarely get sleep

The picture you’ll see, was an unusual shot
She was playing hard to get, and I was not
The rest of the scene was not recorded for others
But the result of my love, is now with it’s mother.