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19 April, 2011

Easter Bunny, Lookout

The first sight was Papa Mountain Bluebird, perched in the a nearby tree, his lady on a nearby branch, and I am sure they were wondering what led them back here for the summer to have their next brood. They were shivering, the bugs that they have been feasting on since their return were hibernating somewhere else. We'll keep our fingers crossed that you have put enough twigs in your bird box that you can tolerate the next few days.

and then as we looked out the back door toward the driveway, all I could think of was how is the Easter Bunny going to make the rounds in Montana. And if this didn't give you concerns, then look at the weather forecast for the rest of the week. Can you image the bunny trying to make the rounds with all of this snow.

After you got past the driveway and looked to the west, it was just more snow.

and then I looked to the pasture where we had just fed the horses. They have not had hay for the last 2 weeks as the pastures have been producing wonderful new grass. Although they had no choice of diet as the new grass was covered with lots of snow. Poor Easter bunny.

These pictures remind you of what the Circle B Bar T looks like in the middle of the winter, not like a spring day in April. This is certainly not the latest spring snow that we have had in Montana but we're ready like most of you for spring to come and stay.