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26 April, 2012

Sam is now visiting the pasture

I have been enjoying time in my Grandfather's (Grover) favorite pasture with my mother. Emma and Baxter, the current great danes at the Circle B Bar T like to bark at me when Mom and I are galloping around. I posed for this photograph when they were not around to bother Mom and me. Clint is posting some messages for me to share with the younger generation.

I have been wondering if you guys and gals will be my friend. I promise if you agree, I will make you happy when you come to visit. I have had a halter on as Mom and I go to the pasture. Nana Marty says I am now in kindergarden.

So . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Will you be my friend


and this is the face I will make if you are not my friend. See you in Montana