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03 December, 2012

Peace on Earth, Happy Holidays

2012 was another exciting year for Marty, Clint, and the Circle B Bar T gang. If you haven't been to Montana to share these experiences with us, viewing the postings on this blog will give you an ideal of what keeps us entertained. Viewing this posting will provide you with some of our activities in 2012. If you have the time, you can visit as much as 3 years of these postings.

Horses are a big part of our activity. You will learn that we had a colt born in April. He has kept us busy. Samiam's grandfather, "Grover", BBT Thee Crusader, is not only proud of his grandson, but of his own accomplishments. One of the events that he has been active in involves dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping at local horse shows. This is a photograph taken of Grover and Marty at a cross country event in Wyoming this fall. This was just one of 13 different obstacles that he and Marty jumped over that day.

We have lots of visitors, especially in the warmer months, with whom we share our ranch, animals, and favorite things to do. You'll see on the following postings that Susan and her family were here for Christmas. We took them to Yellowstone National Park and we stayed at Chico Hot Springs. Another of the many visitors was Tim & Maggi Teegardin as they traveled the US in their new 35 foot RV. Marty's cousin Pati who Marty had not seen for years stopped by, and many, many, more. Another visit was friends from Yardley, Pa. These are old friends from years ago, Dixie Cowen, her daughter Sabrina, Sabrina's  husband and 3 children. They had just finished riding some of our horses. They wanted to visit the west and spent 3 days with us in the process.
Besides horse shows, we visit our favorite parts of Montana where Clint takes photo's of wild life and the beautiful scenery. We do leave Montana to visit friends, relatives and other favorite spots. How about a week in upper Michigan with the Baxters, brother Tom and cousins Ellen, Ann, and Linn. Leenau was where they spent their summers when they were children.  This is Ann, Ellen, and Marty posing near one of their favorite spots.

Another trip was to Westport, CT to see Susan and her family. We were able to get on one of the last flights out of Hartford before the storm "Sandy" arrived. The next 2 postings are of our trip to Yosemite and the Pryor Mountain Range, home of wild horses.