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04 September, 2013

It's almost fall on the Grove Creek

At the end of the summer and before the fall, the wildlife are getting ready for the change in weather. The young bluebirds that were born this spring are maturing but they will not get the vibrant color that we are used to until later as you can see by this one in a nearby tree,
One its buddies returned to the nest. You can ask how I know it returned to the nest where it was born and I say look at the color of it's feathers. If it's a male it will become vibrant. If it's a female the color around the head and eyes would be gray.
The sand hill cranes usually arrive in late March or early April. They mate for life and typically they will produce one or two off spring. This is a proud mama and papa strutting their stuff.
However, it's getting close to time to head south. This is a whole group with the one in the middle giving exercise lessons getting them ready for the long trip. The two of the left are trying hard, the one on the right is watching while the little one is probably one of this years offspring and is in the learning process.
and of course we have deer, who don't migrate but are careful at this time of the year that we don't interfere with their fawns. You can see this lady was trying to hide from me when I got near her with my camera.
As fall gets nearer and it starts to cool, there will be more.