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22 June, 2013

Fishtail Family Fun Day, 100th Anniversary

This year represented the 100th anniversary of the city of Fishtail, Montana. There has always been a Fishtail Family Fun day but this year was special to celebrate the 100th year. As Clint chatted with Kay Johnson, Lowell and Ruth Quenemoen's granddaughter who is visiting for the next 6 weeks, he asked if she had every been to the Fishtail parade and fun day. She said, no, so Clint suggested that she and Marty ride in the parade. At the end of a long conversation and debate, the Circle B Bar T would participate with the following:
                   * our theme, "We are family"
                   * in the context of family fun day, the family would be Arabian horses
                   * Grover, the sire, Johnny, the brother, and Ruby, Grover's daughter
                   * the riders would be Kay Johnson, Marty Baxter, & Wendy Bleacher
                   * Clint would lead the group, wear his fancy jacket with Grover's picture & carry Grover's              
                      picture jumping

We departed 15 S. Grove Creek Road at 10:15 AM to be ready for the 11:00 AM parade. Clint was all decked out with his coat and the sign.
and when you observed the back of the coat, what did you see, but Grover.
The girls were attired in the official Fishtail Centennial t-shirts and once they mounted the horses they all had helmets, riding trousers, and black boots.
So the people on the parade route would know our theme, signage had been prepared for the reverse side of the t-shirts. Of course the theme was "we are family" but an added description necessary to identify the horses as you can see from this photograph.
and just as we were preparing to get in line for the parade, another family member arrived to participate in the parade. When Grover was still a stallion, we had donated his semen to be sold at the Fishtail Family Fun Day and one of our neighbors had purchased it. The result of that transaction was hitched to a cart and was another entry in the parade. Grovers daughter is the horse on  the right side.
The parade of course went down the main street of Fishtail. It then turned around and went back to the Grove Creek road where it started. This is a scene of the downtown area and the parade.
and of course the family was ready to participate. Clint's biggest challenge was to get 3 women and 3 horses to pose photography all at the same time. What a challenge. This is the best I found from the images that I captured.
as we were returning to the truck and trailer to load up and return home, it was announce that the winner of the horse and rider group was none other than the Circle B Bar T family. One last picture, please smile and pose for the photograph with the trophy.
Kay is holding the trophy, Grover is thanking Wendy for featuring him, Marty has that proud smile and Ruby is still tired from here journey from Ohio to be in Montana for the summer with Kay.