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06 June, 2009

It happened

The annual testicle festival happened. Although the next day when we had lunch at the Cowboy, they were still on the menu, it appears by the sign that they needed more. If you are interested in sampling the delicacies or attending next year's festival, let Marty and I know.

01 June, 2009

It's still spring

Susan and John McCarthy, Westport, CT sent the picture of the day. I had to post it because it was so fitting. Believe it or not, although it has been like summer for the last 3 weeks, today was spring. Temperatures in the 50's and 60's, mist started around noon and it's more like rain now, predicting snow tonite. Woke up to see our horses all excited about something, it was the neighbor's horses who were not in their pasture because someone left the gate open, traveling up our road and visiting the other neighbors horses.

I took a load of manure to the pasture where I spread it and chased the neighbor's 3 horses toward their pasture, they entered our field where I spread the manure. By the time I was thru spreading the stinky stuff, the neighbor's wife had arrived to help move the horses. I took the spreader off the Gator so that I could help, only to realize the bolt that I had found on the road last week was used to hold the bed of the spreader to the axel. I was in trouble. Horses were back where they came from, and 2 trips later to Absarokee and the lumber company, I had the nuts and bolts I needed to fix the spreader.

The rain started, one of our horses jumped a fence to be with it's buddies and I didn't get much done. Tomorrow the 3000 sheep will be moved down the road to another pasture and another neighbor plans to leave 200 head of cattle on the South Grove Creek Road over nite on their way to their summer pasture.