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05 January, 2010

Winter is returning to the Circle B Bar T

In case you haven't read the weather report, we're due for another round of winter weather. In preparation, Clint filled the space next to the fireplace with plenty of wood. After the horses have been cared for, Marty and Clint snuggle up in front of the fireplace, read a book, get the latest from our friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite spot. As you can see we're ready.
This will last for at least 5 days and maybe a week. But Clint is prepared, in anticipation of the cold and snow, he has just finished stockpiling another week to 10 days supply under the deck, next to the back door to the downstair's fireplace. We have options, upstairs or downstairs.
And you ask, where did all of this wood come from. It's only January and we have already burned thru at least 2 cords of wood, but fear not, there is a lot more where this came from. Yes, over the shoulder's of the turkeys there is an abundance of wood along the Grove Creek. Clint has been harvesting the older vegetation that voluntarily grows along the creek as well as an occasional tree that gets destroyed by the wind and weather. He hasn't made a dent in the opportunity.
This is a close up of where Clint spends his days in the winter, as he did today, cutting the wood that you saw above in the back of the Gator and stacked along the wall under the deck. Clint spent close to 2 hours with the chainsaw, axe and wedge. This limb is obviously dead and will ultimately be on the ground where it is easier for cutting.
and now to test your eyesight. As Clint was leaving the Grove Creek with his second load of wood, after almost 2 hours of working and sawing (a lot of noise as well) he glanced around at the area only to see on the opposite side of this limb something that had been observing his actions. As soon as he got to the house, he grabbed his camera and returned to take this picture.
In case your eyesight has failed you, the owl that had been observing Clint's activities is nicely camoufloged in its nest.

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