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07 January, 2010

"Cold Turkey, captured in real time

As we awoke and went to the windows facing the south I observed something that is reserved for extremely cold weather. The temperature was minus 16 degrees. When I saw this image, I said, now that is what I call "cold turkey".
I knew I needed to get a closer image if you were to believe the creatures in the trees were really turkeys. It was too cold to walk toward them, so I approached them in the pick up truck and took a series of pictures. I was sure that if I got too close they would take flight and I would miss this opportunity. I was wrong. I got close enough to take the next 2 pictures which should convince you that it was cold and they had no intentions of leaving their perch, especially with the sun shining on them.
This flock of turkey's have been in a number of postings on our blog. Just yesterday they were in the foreground of the picture of the Grove Creek, on December 19th they had ventured away from the creek and were found near our house, and if you go back as far as November 19th, you will see this guy on a much warmer day.
This is really, "cold turkey". I had to search the context of "cold turkey" to see if there was any correlation to my pictures. There were 2 phrases that I found which I believe are applicable.

"to immediatley and completely give up"

"an extreme means of quitting something that we find hazardous to our health"

For a turkey to fly into a tree, 15 to 20 feet above the ground, they were giving up the cold ground and at 16 degrees below zero it was hazardous to their health. I also learned the term was used by humans in the context of giving up an addiction. I can relate to that as well as in June of 1980 after many prior attempts, I quit smoking, "cold turkey" and have not indulged since then.

On the other hand, I can assure you that the expression of "cold turkeys" will be used again at the Circle B Bar T Ranch the next time the temperature plummets to below zero.

Have a good day.

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