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06 January, 2010

It was minus 3 degrees last nite

Thought some of you would want an update on the weather. It did get cold,I didn't capture all of the images, but here are a couple plus some other items of interest. As you will see we did get some snow, not as much as the weatherman predicted, but at least 5 inches. The horses came to breakfast this morning with snow on their backs, the winter coats are so thick, the heat from their body never got to the snow to melt it.

I went to the Grove Creek to see if the owl was still in it's nest. Look hard, but it isn't there.

By the time I had walked to the Grove Creek and taken this picture, my camera was so cold, it would not function any more. I missed pictures of 2 golden eagles in the nearby trees, but I also found a pile of feathers at the base of one of the trees. They were turkey feathers, therefore, we are missing a turkey and some animal had their Thanksgiving - Christmas dinner in January.

I warmed up my camera and drove to Fishtail. On the way, I captured this picture to give you a feel of a post snow, cold sun shiny day in Montana. In the center of the picture is our place, approximately 2.5 miles from where I took the picture. The mountain range in the background is the Crazy Mountains, at least 60 miles north and west of here. They are just past Big Timber.
This mother deer and her 2 fawns were roaming in a wooded pasture as I approached Fishtail. Even thought the ground was covered with snow, they looked quite healthy and most likely had been snacking on the neighbors cattle hay.

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