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11 October, 2017

Our favorite overnight excursion

It had been a while since we had visited Chico Hot Springs and Yellowstone National Park. We have had several personal issues that prevented us from making this journey in the past several months,
but on Sunday and Monday, we made the trip.

Everything was as we have experienced it in the past. We've made this trip at least 5 or 6 times each year since 1993. The hot tub was still hot, dinner at Chico was as good as ever, and the journey through Yellowstone was beautiful and exciting.

Clint took his camera to capture some wildlife. Although it was a very nice day, the wildlife did not pose for Clint very often. It started with an antelope just north of Gardiner. Then an elk near Mammoth Hot Springs, and finally a coyote in Lamar. There were plenty of bison, one bear that we saw in the distance and the scenery was beautiful.

We have already made reservations to return in December and January. Now, to share the antelope, elk and coyote with you.

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