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09 November, 2010

An update from Marty & Clint

The winner of the Halloween costume award goes to Patrick McCarthy, our grandson who lives in Westport, CT. Patrick had just finished his football season in Westport and wanted to treat the neighbors with a Big Ten look. Go Bucks
When the family was here this summer, cousin Kate from Georgia fell in love with Johnny, one of our horses. When it came time to return to the southland, Kate had convinced Marty and as well as Kate's parents, that Johnny would look good at their stables. Kate and her father, Marque returned the weekend of November 5th for Kate to spend a few more days with Johnny. Looks like a great match up.
Just before Kate and her dad arrived, we observed the horses starring at the road. Was it Kate and her dad arriving to see Johnny? No, it was too early for them. Could it have been some type of critter? No, most of the critters are hiding as the Montana hunting season is now in full force. But it wasn't hunters either.
It was a neighbor taking their sheep down the Grove Creek Rd, moving them from one pasture to another. Do you suppose our horses were jealous that they were not participating in the drive?
Remember the photograph of the owl that I took last winter while I was cutting wood for the fireplace. Well, it's time to get more wood and I was at the same place cutting logs for the winter ahead. Just as I did, January 5th to be specific, I looked over my shoulder as I was heading for the house with some wood, and guess who I saw. Of course I didn't have my camera, so quickly to the house, grabbed my camera and returned to the Grove Creek. It was still there, but after I compared these phot0's with the ones I took in January, I believe it was a different owl. I looks smaller and not was colorful as the prior owl. Go to the January 5, 2010 posting for a comparison.
Has winter settled in Montana yet? Well, the first weekend in October in 2008 we had 42 inches of snow, the same weekend in 2009 we have 24 inches of snow, and this same weekend in 2010 it was 83 degrees, obviously, no snow. If you go to the October 9, 2009 posting you will see pictures from these 2 weekends. So what was it like last weekend when Kate and Marque were here. The sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid-70's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It all changed yesterday. The weatherman predicted 12-18 inches of snow in the mountains, there would be no accumulation at our elevation as the ground was still warm. This picture confirms that the weatherman at least knew what he was forecasting. Our altitude of 4500 feet missed the snow, just one ridge away, the white stuff was accumulating and the mountains really got hit.
As most of you know by now, Emma and Baxter, 2 great dane puppies arrived about a month ago. By now they have settled in, take a morning walk to get the paper with Marty, Kenya, and I, are underfoot most of the time and can last 4 - 5 hours between bowel movements. They are gaining weight at the rate of almost a pound a day. Here they are. We got them winter blankets 3 weeks ago and they have almost outgrown them. Stay tuned for more adventures of Emma and Baxter.

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