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19 March, 2010


Sharing is an important part of our life and life's experiences. When its cold and snowy in Montana there is not a lot of vegetation for the animals to eat. The rancher takes hay to his livestock but ignores the wildlife. This pony is sharing and the 2 deer I am sure appreciate the opportunity. Everybodys happy.
It started when grandson John saw my ostrich cowboy boots, if he could have figured out how to take them off my feet and put them on his, I would have lost a pair of boots. Later, I was holding him and you can tell he was not only intrigued by my hat but he also wanted to be a cowboy. I decided to share just like the pony and the deer.
Grandpa did share, what a happy boy. The fit could have been better but the expression on John's face tells it all. For those of you who follow our blog, you may remember about 6 weeks ago John had his tongue out as a result of unhappiness. I didn't want to see the tongue, and look what I got. He's coming to Montana this summer. I'll have to find him a pony to ride and perhaps we can find a baby deer in the pasture.

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  1. This is definitely my favorite set of photos so far! Thank you for sharing. Clint, you look marvelous!