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15 March, 2010

Kenya had a great day, look what she found

We spotted Kenya running down the lane toward the house after our morning walk. She seemed in a happy mood and was moving at quite a rapid pace. We noticed something strange, take a look closely and see if you see what we saw. I agree, you probably can't see what's unique, in fact, I had to look several times after Marty told me what she had seen. The real question will be not what it is or where she got it but how it became hooked on her dog blanket under her neck.

If you still haven't figured it out, it is a bone from most likely a deer carcass, most likely a front leg and from the joint there are 2 bones that have created a hook that is lapped over the top of the dog blanket under her neck. Whether she was rolling on the carcass or the bone, it was most likely the way it got bound on the blanket.

This may be the best angle to see the bone. Barlo was either not interested or had been told by Kenya to stay away from her bone. Ultimately, when Marty took off the blanket the bone was deposited in the trash barrell. But that was just the morning scenario. We took them for an afternoon walk towards the mountains, turned around at the gate at the Johnson place and as we started back towards the house, guess what. Kenya had found another prize.

It was obvious what she had found this time. It was the remains of the head, neck, and some of the pelt of a deer. Whether the morning find was related to this part, we will never know. The close up will give you a better perspective of this prize.

Kenya was ultimately asked to drop her prize. With much chagrin, she relented, Marty grabbed her collar and I tossed her token into a field with a good fence so that she could not return to the scene of the capture. Whether it's old age or a predator, these carcasses are not rare and a dog on the loose is always attracted to the parts that remain.

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  1. Wow...our dogs would be lucky to find a dead bird or rabbit around here! LOL! I bet those are some happy dogs! Great photos!