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02 May, 2009

A stinky mess

It took 2 days to have the trap in the correct setting, but this morning the evidence was in the trap. The best way to move the critter is to cover the trap before you try to move it to avoid the stinky spray. I picked up an old sheet with a garden hoe and attempted to put it over the trap. The critter sprayed the sheet and when I tried to get the trap completely covered, my right glove got a good coat of the perfume.

For those of you who might think that trapping the skunk and then disposing of it is cruel, you have never smelled one this close and more importantly, Stillwater County is one of 5 counties in the State of Montana that is quarantined for rabid skunks. Therefore, to protect the our livestock as well as our neighbors, we had to disposed of the critter. These are the 2 pictures that I promised when I set the trap.

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