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30 April, 2009

A hunting we will go . . . . .

after Marty assures me that Ruthie and Martha, our cats, are in the barn, I plan to set the bait for a skunk which the dogs found under the floor in the hay. The hole in the first picture is where I believe the skunk enters its home. The dogs were digging in the hay 2 days ago and just missed getting sprayed, that's how we knew what was hiding there.

The next picture is the live trap with a Clint trick to improve the odds of catching the critter. The bait is cat food which when opened should entice the skunk to enter the cage for dinner and it is wired to the floor of the trap to be sure the skunk must work to get all of the food out of the can, this hopefully assures us that the latch for the door will be tripped by the greedy skunk. . If this venture is successful, the next picture you will see is the skunk in the trap.

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