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13 May, 2009

Sights you don't expect in Yellowstone

Driving through Yellowstone in the spring, you find lakes with more water in them than you see the rest of the year. But did you expect to see a swan in a lake in Yellowstone. We've all seen the Mountain Bluebird, but how many times have you seen his wife, and in Yellowstone. This beautiful lady was flying around Mammoth Hot Springs with her boyfriend. Just around the corner from her was this magpie. I've been trying to get a good picture of a magpie for over a year, I think I finally succeeded. And look who was trying to hide from me, this ground squirrel. Tomorrow will be wolf and elk.

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  1. Fabulous magpie photo! My family and I will be making our first ever trip to Yellowstone in late May/early June. I sure hope that I see magpies and mountain bluebirds - I live in north Texas, and we don't have those birds down here. Thanks for posting your pics!