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14 May, 2009

More Yellowstone

Today, we start with a young elk trying to hide in the tall grass, curious as to what I was doing, then to another elk who has just started to re-grow his antlers. Growing at 1.5 inches per day, he should have a full rack within a month or two. The finish is velvet but as his antlers get fully grown he starts to rub them on trees to remove the velvet and also we lose some bark from the trees. Do you like pronghorn or antelope - he is the fastest animal on the planet with the exception of the cheetah. The wolves -we'll start with a gray wolf who was in the same area as the black wolf, near a carcass. The black wolf is #480 who you saw a couple days ago with the bison,he's also Casanova's brother. The last picture he was howling. Note sure if he was calling some of his buddies, if he had smelled the carcass, or just wanted to brag.

When you read this, Marty and I will be on our way back to Yellowstone for another day in the park. See you later

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