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12 April, 2009

Happy Easter

Thursday morning Marty and I drove to the Billings airport to fly to Boulder to spend the weekend with Jeff and his family, pictured below. At noon after waiting at the gate for over almost 2 hours we were informed that our flight had been cancelled and there were no seats on aircraft leaving Billing for until Saturday. We immediately had our tickets refunded, picked up our luggage, jumped in our car and headed for Colorado, arriving at 8:45 PM.

. . . . . . and now a special Easter memory. . During the Easter season several years ago,one of our grandchildren appeared to be remorse as the parents were putting the grandchild to bed and saying their prayers. They asked what seemed to be problem.

The grandchild said, “I am sad because Al Dude died and I won’t see him anymore. The mother told the child that Al Dude was happy and in heaven. The grandchild was happy to hear that, but the parents could tell there was still something on the mind of the grandchild. “Is Al Dude in Heaven with Jesus?” ,the mother said, Of course he is. The grandchild said, “The soldiers are coming after Jesus, (referring to Jesus entering the city of Jerusalem.) Maybe, Jesus can find Al Dude and they can ride away real fast, so He isn’t caught by the soldiers.

Happy Easter

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