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15 April, 2009

Does this look like spring?

The weatherman was very accurate in his predictions for Stillwater County and the Fishtail area andyou will see that the ranchers and wildlife were not prepared. The snow is not supposed to let up until Friday and that doesn't mean that it's over for the spring, as we have had 10 inches of snow as late as June 14th.

After we fed the horses their hay in the snow covered pasture this morning, they traversed to other parts, dug under the snow to eat the new green growth. I took a picture of our place from the Grove Creek Road, 3 miles from our house, today as I returned from Fishtail having mailed our tax returns. Does this look like April 15th, no, it looks more like April Fools ( you may have to doulbe click to see the house). I also happened upon a Meadowlark, compare this picture to the one I posted on April 7th.

Finally you will notice that these sheep got their wool removed a few days early, but this will not be the first time nor the last that mother nature has tried to dictate when the shearers should do their job. The black animals in the middle of the sheep are a couple of calves who got misplaced from their mothers when the rancher put hay at the other end of the pasture - - that's where the sheep are headed also.

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