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04 March, 2009

It happened on the Stillwater River Road

Driving to town on a very windy (30 mph) cold (20 degrees) day, I spotted this red tail hawk sitting on a fence post. I stopped to take this picture and either I spooked it or it was getting cold and needed to exercise to keep warm and off it went.
I was lucky, as it left the fence post, I was ready to capture his flight. Not bad for a transplant from Ohio living in Montana. He didn't go far, landed on another fence post, I followed it up the road and took this picture.

The rest of the story goes like this. After taking these pictures of the Red Tail Hawk, I looked around the area where I had taken these pictures to see if there was anything I had missed. Sure enough, just a few yards from the fence post where I took the first picture was a Golden Eagle feasting on a carcass. Looking around further, I spotted another Red Tail Hawk, and then I saw a bunch of Magpies. The Red Tail Hawks were next in line for dinner followed by the Magpies; and . . . . . . here is the first at the dinner table.


  1. I can't wait to hear the rest of the tail....

  2. This is one of the most incredible pictures that I have seen in, almost forever! Wow, unbelievable! To be able to capture that eagle at that moment - it's breathtaking! Just the look on the eagle's face is almost surreal.

  3. Wow Clint, these are just incredible pictures.