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28 February, 2009

Free ride or Do ewe care

Favorite photograph, week of February 28, 2009
As I was driving down the Grove Creek Road, specifically looking for new born calves, I couldn't help but stop and take this photograph. After some research, I have determined this is a European Starling on the back of the ewe. I image the purpose of the "free ride" is multiple. It's warmer on the back of the ewe than anywhere else, the bird gets an elevated view without spending any energy, and the primary reason is to pick bugs, grubs, or parasites out of the fleece. The baby calves and lambs will be coming soon.

1 comment:

  1. It is indeed a starling - and in the UK their numbers have been steadily declining, unfortunately.
    They are energetic inquisitive little birds with the most beautiful irridescent plumage!