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02 January, 2012

Christmas in Montana

Our daughter, Susan, and the McCarthy family have been visiting Montana in the summer for a long time. One of their dreams has been to spend Christmas with us. This was the year. They arrived on the 22nd. On the 23rd we visited one of our neighbors and selected a tree to appear in our home, once decorated, it would host the Christmas presents. The tree was cut down and decorated. On the 24th we got ready for the big event. The 25th was not only Christmas but was granddaughter Crissys birthday. What a day. After the Christmas presents were opened, we decided to take a drive. We headed toward the Beartooth Mountains and the Woodbine Trailhead. As we neared our destination, we came across a herd of Bighorn sheep.
As you can tell from the picture, it was the season to be with your loved one and perhaps in a loving way. We will have to return in the spring to see. We arrived at Woodbine. The water was mostly frozen and many of the rocks and ledges that are covered with water in the spring and summer, were bare. Crissy ventured out on a large rock, just below the trail. You can see the frozen stream in the background.
We traveled on down the trailhead. Susan, husband John, daughter Crissy, and son Patrick posed for a winter picture in Montana. This photograph will bring back many memories, some of which you will see on a future blog as we travel to Yellowstone National Park. Yes, on this day, it was colder than in Westport, CT. Before they returned we did get warmer weather and most of our snow either melted or was blown away. If you have been to Montana, you get very accustomed to seeing deer in the pastures. One of the other wildlife sightings is of the "golden eagle". That was true on the 25th as well as this one was perched above the Stillwater River looking for a fish for dinner.
What do you do in Yellowstone in the winter? What wildlife can you see there? We will have an update on that part of the Holiday Season, soon. We had a great time over the span of 8 days that Susan and the family were here and look forward to their next visit.
Yes, when we got back to the ranch, we celebrated Crissy's 15th birthday.

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