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23 April, 2010

Controlling the robins during mating season

In an earlier post, I made comment about the robins pecking on our windows. I wasn't sure the motivation, so I studied the problem. It goes like this. In the spring, prior to the female robin laying her eggs, the male is in a very protective mood. He may see his image, ie: a reflection in a window glass and thinks it is a competitor infringing on his territory. Being protective, he attacks the image expecting the competitor to leave. This goes on until there is not reflection or the female has settled in her nest and has laid so eggs. This becomes very distracting when you are inside the house and they start attacking at sunrise, and throughout the day, or until there is no reflection. This is what Clint did to end this foolishness.

If you can see my reflection in our bedroom window as I'm taking this picture, you can be assured that the robin saw his as well. The difference is, there is a photograph of a crow that has been printed and pasted to the window. The robin said,"this is not a friendly picture" as he saw his own image in the window. The robin left and went to another window. We now have crow prints on all windows which he thought was his territory. No more pecking on the windows.

Proof of the eating is in the pudding, they say. Well, in years past there have been several robin nests around the house which I was not allowed to destroy until the young robins had fled the nest. There are no new nests. Thank you Mr. Crow.

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