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05 February, 2010

A football player in the family

Based on his size, we have an up and coming lineman. Number 56 of the Wreckers has started his career in Westport, CT. Patrick McCarthy is his name, and playing football is his fame. We have added a couple of his pictures which tells the entire story. The first part, he enjoys the sport and looks forward to practice and playing in the fall.
and when he isn't playing, he's watching. 2010 started with a great time and total excitement at the McCarthy home, when his favorite, Ohio State Buckeye's won the Rose Bowl game. Soon thereafter he and his father went to New York City to watch the NFL Today. After the show, he was invited on stage with his father for a picture with football celebrities and the show host. 11 year old Patrick is the person on the left in the picture, check out the size of this young man. Also, note his shirt. Jim Tressell, coach of the Ohio State football team would be proud . Patrick was not only bragging, but he also would like to be a Buckeye someday. His father, John, is the person on the right on the back row.


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