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19 April, 2009

It happened on the internet

I have been trying to be able to google something, anything to the first page of google for at least 2 years. Of course, if I did Marty Baxter or Clint Teegardin, you'd find us on the first page. But how you get the words in your internet web site, that people will find you with a normal search. I have tried and tried and tried. Up until 10 minutes ago, the closest I got was wolf,Casanova, #302, but I did not consider this success because unless you were very familar with the wolf population in Yellowstone, and wanted specific information about Casanova and knew his collar was #302, you would not have googled him.

Today, I googled "bluebird, pet rock" and guess what is not only on the first page, it is the first item on the list. After I publish this blog, I am going to celebrate, and then after dinner spend 3 hours trying to figure out what will be my next winner.

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