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21 September, 2009

Garnet, A Ghost Town Today

Montana has had a lot of underground resources over the years. Some have been depleted and others are no longer of value. There was once copper in Butte and Anaconda, there is still chrome in the mountains in Stillwater County, and gold has had it's days in a number of locations.

While we were visiting at Paws Up, we traveled just 12 miles through the back country to the former town of Garnet.
Gold was the resource of interest which was depleted around the turn of the century(1900). As you can see from these pictures, the city is depleted now as well. After spending time here, you do wish that you could have been here during it's peak.

Some of the details about Garnet where found on this as we entered the city. If you are interested in more information, go to DOUBLE CLICK IF YOU WANT TO READ THE DETAILS

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