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23 July, 2009

Woodbine, our favorite place

One of the most scenic places in our area is Woodbine, where as the snow melts the water spills out of the Beartooth Mountains and forms the Stillwater River. In the spring the water is fast and furious, the fish are hiding in the rocks from the rapid water flow, the temperature of the water is cold and you want to stay away from the flow. (Come back in August if you want to fish). Picture s of the gorge are beautiful, we then added Marque Teegardin and his son, Sam, from Alpharetta, Georgia posing on a boulder near the rapids. Suddenly, Marque was behind the rock they were sitting on, grasping to get out of the flow and the cold water. Marque did escape and was later seen with his wife Dana and Sam in a more friendly setting.

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