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03 April, 2009

Paradise Gallery in Gardiner, Montana

Yesterday, we loaded The Paradise Gallery in Gardiner with Clint's Photographic Art. There are 16 different photographs, most are 8.5 x 11 and some are 12 x 16 and a couple are in Rich's Rustic Frames with wood from the "Old Faithful Inn". There are also note cards with envelopes and post cards. Finally, there are 8 different rocks with Clint's photographs on them, including the latest one, the Mountain Blue Bird. Clint's photo's are also featured on the web site:

After the delivery to Carol Newbury Howe, the owner of the gallery, Clint and Marty spent the next 4 hours in Yellowstone National Park. It appeared to be an uneventful day until they started to return to the entrance and came upon a pack of wolves enjoying dinner at a carcass. The Yellowstone pictures will follow.

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